Tinkebu x The Dartmoor Shepherd

Rocking sheep toy
Sheep toy wooden

Tinkebu have partnered up with The Dartmoor Shepherd. Run by Lewis and Flora, The Dartmoor Shepherd is on a mission to revive the ancient, native breeds of Dartmoor. They are the only Shepherds in the world to farm all three of Dartmoor’s native longwool sheep. Now sadly all rare breeds, these sheep were bred for a time when wool was profitable and lambs were given the time they needed to mature and grow naturally.

They are passionate about farming their flocks in an ethical and sustainable way. The sheep roam the rugged hills of Dartmoor and their lambs enjoy up to double the lifespan of commercial sheep. Just like any Tinkebu toy, Dartmoor sheepskins are completely unique: shaggy, thick and heavy; qualities that are never seen in modern breeds. Traditionally used by the Royal Household Cavalry under their saddles, the Dartmoor breeds were chosen because of their extreme durability and luxurious quality.