Toys made for adventures

As a small business making all our own products, having the time to run all the other elements of the business can be a challenge. Marketing is one particular area where you can spend a lot of time, but equally can’t be ignored.  

Fortunately, it’s one area where we’ve found friends, customers and other businesses have been prepared to help; either through offering ideas, providing images of our toys in action or simply by helping to spread the word (thank you). There has perhaps been no better example of this support than for a recent video we had made.

Tinkebu has always been about simple, tactile toys that encourage imaginations and adventures, and we had long wanted a video that reflected that. We had no money and limited ability behind the camera.

We put the word out through friends and colleagues and surprisingly were introduced to Tom Williams, a hobbying stop-motion Lego animator. Tom took some of our products, his own creative licence and a crate of Cornish ale. As the draft results came in from Tom we were astounded.

A former colleague and friend, Nick Pearson, applied his masterful video-editing skill for the finishing touches and we were away.

The video has become a key part of our marketing now, travelled far and wide, and stimulated a number of great conversations.  

We find Cornwall really is a great place to find creative talent but also a place where collaboration is second nature.

Thanks Tom (@uncletreve). Thanks Nick (@nickpearson). 

You can enjoy the feature length version for yourselves below: