Tinkebu x Blanc Books

We were recently introduced to another Cornwall based business whose idea came out of necessity. Blanc Books was formed by David and Tim after they jointly realised that they needed a better notebook. They set out to create a notebook which would be just as useful stuffed in a pocket on an adventure as it is on the desk. They set about making something by hand that would be hard-wearing whilst not compromising on style. After a number of prototypes the duo carefully selected their final paper (FSC Certified of course), covers, stitching method and produced what we think is a rather neat notebook.

When we were approached to give the new product a road test in the workshop we connected with what they were trying to achieve - better products made with love, locally. Part of a more sustainable future has got to be about making products that are in use for longer and we therefore felt an immediate meeting of minds.

Beyond this, there’s an emotional element, as we hope there are with our products. Blanc Books develop a patina and earn a story as rich as the notes written within them.

The books are for people that do, that make, that live. It is a tool that inspires your very best work, don’t be scared to write in it, crease it or get it dirty, use it. The greatest discoveries, adventures, ideas, designs, businesses all start as a written thought or sketch. Don’t be scared, be a person that does. - Blanc Books

Notebook writing.jpg
Notebook toy design.jpg
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Blanc Books - Notebook Image.jpg
All our designs start with a rough sketch on a blank page. The chosen ones then get drawn out in more detail with more consideration for the shapes, fixings, grain, finish etc. We then start playing with our wood pile to check sizing before committing to a final design…”

“…as a result I have a sizeable back catalogue of notebooks, however none have ever quite stood up to the Blanc notebook. I like the simplicity, the quality of the material and the fact that it can stand up to life in the workshop. I sketch my designs from the front and write endless to-do lists from the back.

Just like my woodworking tools, it is nice to find a product that becomes just part of your staple equipment.
— Jaime, Tinkebu