Cornwall Business Awards

Tinkebu is committed to sustainability - making our toys as environmentally friendly as we can, utilising waste and reclaimed materials, recycling packaging and managing things like our energy consumption. But another element that was important to us when starting the business was to somehow ensure we also gave something back to the environment.

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with the reforestation non-profit organisation One Tree Planted. Their partner scheme enables us to confidently say that for every toy we sell, we donate to plant a tree. After researching various reforestation schemes around the world we decided to work with One Tree Planted as they offered a solution that was simple but also worked economically for us as a small business.


We make two donations annually, one on each of our children’s birthdays - partly because it’s memorable(!) but more in attempt to leave a legacy for our kids beyond the profit & loss of a business. The size of the donation is simply the total number of toys sold since the last donation.

In our first year as part of the scheme we planted over 200 trees in various Central and South American countries (places close to our hearts as founder Jaime was born in Honduras).

We hope by continuing this scheme we will be adding to the natural environment numerous times what we ever take from it, challenging the way we can all do business, having greater purpose and more impact.

More toys and more trees in the world. What’s not to like?