Play in style

Rocking sheep toy

Tinkebu was born shortly after we had our first child. Like many first time parents, we hadn’t quite realised that the arrival of children meant the arrival of so much supporting paraphernalia! Play gear, contraptions to aid laying down, sitting up, eating, walking, sleeping etc… And from the choice we were given it seemed much of it had to be plastic and gaudy. Having spent years renovating our house to not look plastic and gaudy we weren’t about to give in.

One area we realised we could at least fight some of the battle was in the toy basket. We had previously made toys as gifts for friends and family having children so began by replicating previous designs. Then by sketching new ideas for things we thought we’d need, but also keepsakes our own children would enjoy playing with.

Primarily a toy needs to be fun, it also helps to be tactile; wooden toys can provide both, as well as bring the eco-credentials. Rather than batteries and gadgetry, wooden toys also encourage children to use their imaginations.

And that’s what Tinkebu now sets out to achieve - designs for little hands, using moving parts and colour, creating a range that will spark imaginations, inspire adventures, and look good in the home.

Playful. Tactile. Purposeful.

Our little one loves this baby gym - it’s perfect for hanging all the toys he has been gifted, unlike other similar products that come with toys attached. The fact that it’s well made and looks stylish makes me happy too!