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Here at Tinkebu we are proud to have been selected as a finalist in the Circular Economy category at the Cornwall Business Awards 2019. As a business we are committed to sustainability and it is nice for this to be recognised. But the question most people have been asking is what’s ‘Circular Economy?’

Well… It ‘s a concept which unlike the traditional business model where we ‘take, make and dispose’ of our planet’s finite resources, instead it focuses on positive, society-wide benefits. For example through generating less waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating the natural environment rather than over-exploiting it.

Sounds good, but still a little woolly? Then as an example, here are four reasons we think Tinkebu has been nominated for this award:

  1. Making products that are built to last. We achieve this through simple design, careful making and solid materials. We want to make toys that will be passed down from sibling to sibling and generation to generation.

  2. Using waste and reclaimed materials. Wood underpins just about everything we do. It’s tactile and so lends itself to toys, but rather than using virgin wood, we like working with wood that’s reclaimed or is someone else’s waste.  

  3. Using natural materials. Materials such as wood and sheepskin fully degrade at the end of their useful life and return valuable nutrients to the soil.   

  4. Actively improving our environment. We partner with One Tree Planted to ensure for every toy we sell we plant a tree. Beneficial for for the important work trees do to absorb CO2 and for us to become carbon neutral.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Circular Economy then we would suggest visiting The Ellen MacArthur Foundation for lots more information and resources.

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